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Welcome to Bedford Falls Book Fairs "Books & More" which will keep you updated on all the latest happenings at Bedford Falls including: additions to our book collection, book reviews, author events, book fair themes, and much more. Get Reading!


  • Flyer Themes and Seasonal Always Works

    Flyer Themes and Seasonal Always Works

    You can find ideas to match our current flyer theme on our Pinterest site   Seasonal themes are also very…

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  • National Lemonade “Wars” Day

    National Lemonade “Wars” Day

    In celebration of National Lemonade Day, we wanted to introduce you to the latest in the popular Lemonade War series.…

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  • Celebrate National Aviation Day

    Celebrate National Aviation Day

    In honor of National Aviation Day, here are some of our non-fiction airplane books, which can be found in the…

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  • Military Content Collection

    Military Content Collection

    In honor of Victory Over Japan Weekend, we are unveiling our NEW Military Content Collection! This upcoming semester, schools will…

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  • Good News DK fans!

    Good News DK fans!

    Eyewitness books now available in paperback The Eyewitness series of books from DK publishing has long been part of our…

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