Our Book Collection

We offer first-quality titles selected from the very best publishers that will get your students reading and other items designed to encourage literacy and enhance learning. Every title is thoughtfully selected and placed in one of our many categories.  A wide range of topics and reading levels are represented by the collection ensuring that there truly is something for everyone. Additionally, we have many options available that allow you to customize your fair.  Please discuss your needs with your account consultant and ask about our Specialty Content Collections and optional categories.  Your collection will arrive grouped and displayed by category to make shopping the fair easy for your students and their families.  All regularly priced items are available for re-order during your fair and can usually be ordered outside of the fair.


Award and Honor:  We are proud to offer nationally recognized authors and illustrators including Caldecott, Corettta Scott King, Newbery, and Pura Bepre' winners, nominees, or honorees.

Classics:  These enduring titles have merited lasting recognition because of their universal appeal, their representation of the periods in which they were written, and their ability to make connections with the reader.

Picture:  A variety of the most popular highly illustrated children's titles (available in paperback and hardback editions).

Early Readers: These titles, available in both fiction and non-fiction, are intended for the emerging reader and are often leveled by stages.

Transitional:  For the newly independent reader moving into the chapter format we offer a wide variety of "first" chapter books that typically have shorter chapters, additional illustrations, and less pages than standard chapter books..

Chapter: We are excited to offer such a large and diverse selection of the best new chapter books.  With reading levels across grade levels, these titles have age appropriate content, generally have few illustrations and longer chapters.

Series:  We include the best and most popular children's series.  We send many of the titles with your fair and make the complete series available to you by request/special order - talk with your account consultant for full details.

Graphic Novels:  Are a format in which a series of multiple images or illustrations are arranged in order to form a story or detail information.  Graphic Novels can be any length and cover any topic.

Sports:  Dribble, Kick, Pass, and Score!  We include a variety of sports related fiction and non-fiction titles across all interest and reading levels.

Biography/History:  We offer a diverse assortment of engaging biographic and historic content across all interest and reading levels.  Learn more about people, culture, and key events from our past and present.

Science:  Jump start your students' curiosity with dynamic titles from across the sciences  for both emerging and independent readers.  Supports many STEM, STEAM, and Next Generation Science standards.

Optional Categories

These additional categories may be included in our standard fair - please talk with your account consultant.

Board:  These titles are intended for ages birth-4 and are a good option for pre-schools.  We offer a wide selection of topics in this format including alphabet and counting books as well as story and nursery rhyme books.

Cookbooks:  An assortment of tasty recipes perfect for busy families.  Selections will vary by fair and books can include quick-fix, grilling, noted chefs, and cooking with/for children.

Poetry:  A wonderful selection of traditional children's poetry as well as some of the more recent popular poets.  These sly, serious, or out-right silly works will captivate students with powerful word-play.

Reference:  These informative and entertaining titles for both children and adults include almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, world-record and fact books.

Regional:  We are excited to offer a selection of NC and VA specific titles including the honorees for the NC Children's Book Award and the VA Reader's Choice Award.  We also carry NC Battle of the Books selections for both elementary and middle school.

Seasonal/Holiday:  Pumpkins, Turkeys, Reindeer! Oh my!  This entertaining selection of popular titles dealing with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will appeal to children and adults.

Spanish:  We offer a variety of popular Spanish and bi-lingual titles across all interest and reading levels.  These titles may be translations of popular English titles or native language titles.

Exclusively for Older Readers

Teen: These fiction chapter titles are intended for grades 6-9 and can contain more complex topics, themes, or content faced by many middle school students.

Young Adult:  These fictional chapter titles are intended for ages 16 and up and contain more mature subjects.

Specialty Content Collections

Make your fair as unique as yours students

Our by-request Specialty Content Collections  provide schools the opportunity to increase the number of titles offered on select subjects.  Ask your sales consultant for more information on including these fabulous collections in your fair.

Advanced Reader Collection: Designed for students ages 8-12 reading at a middle school level this collection contains titles with a higher reading levels but content that is still appropriate for elementary school students.

Hispanic Collection: This collection goes beyond the Spanish titles shipped with our standard fair and includes mono & bilingual titles (English and Spanish).  Hispanic authors & characters, as well as cultural topics and the Hispanic experience are included.

Military Collection: Explore various themes related to all aspects of the military.  Topics include military heroes, history, life, technology, and patriotism.

Origami Collection: More than just a fun craft, help your students understand concepts across the sciences and mathematics through Origami.  Our collection includes books, kits and packaged paper. Ask your consultant for details on hosting an origami contest during your fair.

Science Center Collection: Designed for schools that place an added emphasis on the sciences this collection includes additional science-focused titles as well as kits and hands-on activities. A must for STEM schools.

Extra Bargain Collection: Although we ship an assortment of affordable titles with our standard fair we are dedicated to helping as many children as possible leave the fair with a book in hand.  Exclusively for schools with a higher than average population of students receiving free/reduced lunch assistance this collection can help meet that goal.  Ask your consultant for details, eligibility requirements, and to discuss other possibilities for providing books for students who could not otherwise afford one