Tumble and Blue by Cassie Beasley

Blue Montgomery believes he’s the victim of a family curse, destined to always lose, no matter the situation. Dropped off late one evening at his grandmother’s house in the swampy Murky Branch GA, he is determined to break the curse with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Legend has it that a golden alligator named Munch appears in the swamp once every hundred years when the moon glows red. The first person to reach him will receive a lifetime of good luck. The red moon is just days away but Blue is not the only person looking for a change in fortune. Other Montgomery family members and the new to Murky Branch twelve year old Tumble Wilson are intent on turning their lives around as well. Tumble, dedicated to following the tenets of her idol, Maximal Star, has seen all of her efforts to rescue those in distress result in disaster. Which, if either, of these tweens can wrangle some good luck from this scaly creature – if it exists at all! A story of friendship by the author of Circus Mirandus for age 10+.