Additional Collections

Make your fair as unique as your students

Our by-request Specialty Content Collections  provide schools the opportunity to increase the number of titles offered on select subjects.  Ask your sales consultant for more information on including these fabulous collections in your fair.

Advanced Reader Collection: Designed for students ages 8-12 reading at a middle school level this collection contains titles with a higher reading levels but content that is still appropriate for elementary school students.

Hispanic Collection: This collection goes beyond the Spanish titles shipped with our standard fair and includes mono & bilingual titles (English and Spanish).  Hispanic authors & characters, as well as cultural topics and the Hispanic experience are included.

Military Collection: Explore various themes related to all aspects of the military.  Topics include military heroes, history, life, technology, and patriotism.

Origami Collection: More than just a fun craft, help your students understand concepts across the sciences and mathematics through Origami.  Our collection includes books, kits and packaged paper. Ask your consultant for details on hosting an origami contest during your fair.

Science Center Collection: Designed for schools that place an added emphasis on the sciences this collection includes additional science-focused titles as well as kits and hands-on activities. A must for STEM schools.

Extra Bargain Collection: Although we ship an assortment of affordable titles with our standard fair we are dedicated to helping as many children as possible leave the fair with a book in hand.  Exclusively for schools with a higher than average population of students receiving free/reduced lunch assistance this collection can help meet that goal.  Ask your consultant for details, eligibility requirements, and to discuss other possibilities for providing books for students who could not otherwise afford one.