Carver Elementary

"The Bedford Falls Book Fair was fantastic! I love the bookstore set-up and feel that Bedford Falls has. The selection is awesome. Parents, students, and staff were happy and our fair was a success."

Hilburn Academy

"I wanted to let you know that we had such a FANTASTIC book fair last week with Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  The selection was far superior to the other vendor we have used in the past. The teachers in particular were very happy about the variety of books and shopped for their own classrooms as well.  The prices of the books were mostly under $10 so EVERYONE took advantage and bought books for gifts, their classrooms, their kids and even for the adults.  We kept the “toys” area to mostly “educational/relevant” type toys and nobody complained.  In fact, we sold most of everything we had put out.   Our sales grew 30% this year.  I attribute that to the better selection, the low price point on most of the books and your daily delivery of restock items!  Your customer service was fantastic.  We received reorders daily and without question or comment.  This helped us sell more books instead of running out.  Thank you again for your customer service and flexibility.  Our school will use Bedford Falls again in the spring for our “Summer Reading” program that we wish to implement this upcoming year.  Based on the success of our holiday book fair, I’m confident our next fair will be equally wonderful!  Please feel free to give my contact info to any potential school that is interested in learning about or switching to Bedford Falls. We had a great fair and we have the numbers to prove it!"   Kristine Flora, Raleigh, NC

Round Hill Elementary

"Bedford Falls is filled with the most helpful and responsive people - at all levels - than any other vendor I have worked with!  Lisa Wieman, Loudoun County, VA

Johnson Elementary

"We are SO happy with what we received from Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  I have had positive comments from teachers, students, and parents regarding the selection, variety, and quality of the titles, as well as the value.  I am so glad that we decided to try using Bedford Falls this year - it is a wonderful fit."  Sarah Messham, VA

Eaton Elementary

"We really enjoyed our Bedford Falls book fair, and heard nothing but rave reviews from teachers, parents, and of course, the students!  Also, your help was crucial.  You were a pleasure to work with and were there every time we needed you.  Thank you very much! Thomas was also very helpful and friendly. Having him move the shelves and boxes was such a load off, compared to our past experiences."  Nikki  Zeldin, Wilmington, NC, First-time Customer 

Mehfoud Elementary

"I am so pleased every year with Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  The set up and pack up is awesome and I love the selection of books sent.  Paperback books are so much more affordable for our families and there's such a great selection of them. Thank You!"   Deanna Pollard, Librarian, Mehfoud Elementary, Henrico, VA

Endeavor Charter School

"I have gotten nothing but great feedback from our teachers, students, and parents since we switched to Bedford Falls several years ago.  They love the selection and customer service and I love the convenient delivery system!  Ready-packed racks roll right into our building ready to sell.  The equipment they use to ring up purchases and total sales couldn't be easier.  We are so glad we switched!"   Laura Hill, Book Fair Chair, Endeavor Charter School, Wake Forest, NC

Wayland Elementary

"Since I have used Bedford Falls as the Book Fair Company for my school there have been nothing but compliments from parents and teachers!  Students have commented about the books and kits very positively! Wonderful fair!   Amy Harris, Media Specialist, John Wayland Elementary School, Bridgewater, VA

Discovery Elementary

"Selection was incredible"   Discovery Elementary, VA

Waterford Elementary

"The selection was amazing."  Waterford Elementary, VA

Rolesville Elementary

"The thing I like most about Bedford Falls Book Fairs is the quick turn-around times for special orders and restocks.  We really appreciate being able to keep our fair stocked for all the classes and provide next day delivery for special orders."   Ginny Boyd, Book Fair Chairperson, Roslesville Elementary PTA (2010-2013), Rolesville, NC