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  • Touchdown Kid

    Touchdown Kid

    Written by former pro football defensive end, Tim Green, this is a story about a boy who has always been…

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  • Chester and Gus

    Chester and Gus

    Chester is a chocolate lab and Gus is a ten year old boy with non-verbal autism whose family hopes he…

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  • Jada Jones: Sleepover Scientist

    Jada Jones: Sleepover Scientist

    Jada is hosting her first sleepover and she has lots of cool scientific activities planned for her friends. They’ll be…

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  • Jump Shot

    Jump Shot

    With information about the history of basketball and facts about the rules of today’s game, this book’s depiction of a…

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  • Fingerlings Unicorn Magic

    Fingerlings Unicorn Magic

    A story filled with magical adventure, this book introduces readers to the unicorns of Melody Village. Unicorns Gemma, Aliki, Stella,…

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  • Lego Movie Awesome Heroes

    Lego Movie Awesome Heroes

    Banding together to save Apocalypseburg from aliens that have destroyed much of the town, our Lego heroes and heroines will…

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  • Mr. Lemoncello’s Great Library Race

    Mr. Lemoncello’s Great Library Race

    When game maker Mr. Lemoncello announces his new Fabulous Fact-Finding Frenzy game, Kyle, Akimi, and the other contestants face their…

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  • Survival Tails Endurance in Antarctica

    Survival Tails Endurance in Antarctica

    Sled dog Samson is very excited about being part of Ernest Shackelton’s historic voyage to Antarctica. His fellow sled dog,…

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  • Survival Tails The Titanic

    Survival Tails The Titanic

    When loyal dog Mutt discovers that his owner and best friend Alice is set to board the RMS Titanic without…

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  • Candy Kisses: JoJo and Bowbow

    Candy Kisses: JoJo and Bowbow

    JoJo is planning a Valentine theme sleepover for her dog Bowbow and her friends. She is also excited about the…

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  • Take the Stage: JoJo and Bowbow

    Take the Stage: JoJo and Bowbow

    When the neighborhood decides to throw a block party, JoJo is excited about performing her new song as a highlight…

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  • Bad Kitty Kitten Trouble

    Bad Kitty Kitten Trouble

    Already upset from dealing with a paper carrier who routinely aims for the cat’s head when he tosses the paper,…

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