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  • Saving Winslow

    Saving Winslow

     Ten-year-old Louie doesn’t have a good track record for taking care of animals.  Worms, goldfish, a hamster, a snake and…

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  • Willa of the Wood

    Willa of the Wood

    Young Willa is a night spirit, a member of the dwindling Faeran clan that once numbered in the thousands and…

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  • The Rhino in Right Field

    The Rhino in Right Field

    For the twelve years of his life, baseball fanatic Nick has done what his hard-working Greek immigrant parents want him…

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  • Jada Jones:  Dancing Queen

    Jada Jones: Dancing Queen

    When her school’s student council decides to host a dance to raise money to buy coats for those in need,…

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  • Baby-Sitters Club:  Boy-Crazy Stacey

    Baby-Sitters Club: Boy-Crazy Stacey

     Stacey and Mary Anne are baby-sitting for the Pike family for two weeks at the New Jersey shore.  There’s a…

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  • Marvel Amazing Powers

    Marvel Amazing Powers

    Young super hero fans will love this collection of facts about comic characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Panther,…

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  • Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles:  Night of the Bats!

    Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles: Night o

    In this second in a series full of action packed adventure, our five players are once again inside the Minecraft…

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  • A Pup Called Trouble

    A Pup Called Trouble

    Trouble is a curious and energetic coyote pup whose parents fear that his inquisitiveness will get him into trouble.  Sure…

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  • The Night Diary

    The Night Diary

     It is 1947 and Nisha and her twin brother, Amil, celebrate their 12th birthdays one month before India receives independence…

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  • Molly’s Story

    Molly’s Story

    CJ desperately wants to have the puppy Molly for her own.  However, her rather self-absorbed mother does not like dogs…

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  • My Life as a Ninja

    My Life as a Ninja

     Derek and his friends decide to join a local martial arts school to learn how to be ninjas.  When someone…

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  • One Good Thing About America

    One Good Thing About America

    Told in the form of letters to her grandmother, this story of Anais, a nine- year-old immigrant from the Congo,…

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