Team Members

Gary Odom - President/ Owner

Gary Odom, original owner & college professor, created Bedford Falls Book Fairs so children can follow their dreams.  Oversees customer service and company logistics as the company continues to grow.

John Odom - Vice President

John Odom is the Vice President of Bedford Falls Book Fairs, handling the many aspects of providing exceptional customer service to our schools.  Virginia and Eastern North Carolina schools will have a chance to speak with John when booking their fairs.

Joan Richardson - GA Account Representative

Joan Richardson joined Bedford Falls Book Fairs in January 2018.  Joan is the Georgia Representative handling new business, rebooking, customer service and also attends local Media Meetings to introduce and promote Bedford Falls Book Fairs.   

Tim Neal - Director, Southern Region

Tim Neal is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and serves as the Director for the Southern Region. He is in charge of Operations, Logistics, Procurement and Human Resources. His other focus is the design and build-out for the warehouse expansion.

Sloan Dosser - Western NC Account Representative

Slone Dosser is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and was an elementary school teacher for ten years.  She is the account representative for Western North Carolina and York County, South Carolina.  Sloan has a passion for children's literature and has worked at Bedford Falls since 2016.

Cindy B - Principal Book Buyer

Cindy has many years experience in working with book fairs.  She works diligently to select books that will encourage reading and enrich the student.

Frank G - Delivery & Pick Up Coordinator

Frank is the delivery and pick up coordinator for Virginia, North Carolina and portions of South Carolina.  Expect an email from Frank if your school is in these areas.

Shima F - Equipment Technologist

Shima prepares the routers, tablets, printers , etc for each school.  She is available for all questions about equipment to assure that everything is working smoothly.

Janice F - Book Fair Specialist

Janice provides customer service to schools in Virginia, and Eastern North Carolina.   Media Specialist and Book Fair Chairs can expect to hear from Janice to verify the equipment and books being sent for their upcoming book fair.  She also posts to social media and updates the website, so If you have pictures of your fair or a testimonial, please send to Janice.  We love to promote our schools.

Kate G - Software Developer

Kate develops the android apps and the sales software used by the company.