Survivor Diaries, Avalanche! by Terry Lynn Johnson

As part of the Bedford Falls Book Fairs school family, we are excited to send you the first of our weekly promotions about books you and your students don't want to overlook.  These sometimes new, sometimes not selections are books we hope you will want to share with teachers, parents, and students.  Each week, I will choose a title to share with you and look forward to your feedback and questions.
The first title in the new Survivor Diaries series, Avalanche is an action-filled adventure story that is part of our Transitioning Chapter collection.  With a length of 100 pages and a vocabulary suited for readers in the 600 lexile range, the book is a great option for older elementary and middle school students who are not comfortable with longer chapter books but want to read about kids their age in real-life situations.  In Avalance, 12 year old twin brother and sister Ryan and Ashley Hilder, experienced downhill and cross-country skiers, are enjoying a ski trip to Wyoming with their parents.  The two kids ski ahead of Mom and Dad, planning to meet up at a shelter farther down the trail.  Enticed by the possibility of seeing a real wolverine, Ryan convinces Ashley to veer off the trail to a nearby summit where the animals have often been spotted.When the two begin to feel the snow shift under their feet and break away in slabs, they realize that they are in the path of an avalanche. Injured and enveloped by the sudden torrent of snow, this brother and sister will have to rely on their training and, more importantly, each other, if they are to survive.  Written by Terry Lynn Johnson, an experienced ranger and survival expert, Avalance will keep readers engaged from the start.  A second title in the series, Overboard! is also available and additional titles are due out this summer.

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