Who Is Captain Marvel?

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Who Is Captain Marvel?

Travel to space with Captain Marvel as she flies into action alongside Ms. Marvel, Monica Rambeau and other awesome Super Heroes.

Meet Earth’s Defender, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, one of the universe’s most powerful Super Heroes. In this book, young readers can learn all about Carol and join forces with her marvellous Super Hero friends as they fight back against alien invaders and super villains.

Take a cosmic trip into space with this thrilling Level 2 DK Reader. Exciting Marvel comics images, clear vocabulary and a fun quiz will test the young Super Hero at heart and help them in building their reading ability as they learn about Captain Marvel and other favorite Marvel comics characters.

Marvel Who Is Captain Marvel? Reader Level 2 features:

– Appealing nonfiction content which helps to develop the habit of reading widely.
– Gorgeous comic book illustrations break up the text for young readers who are still building their confidence.
– Fun quizzes that support comprehension skills.

This book is ideal for children aged 5–7 who are learning to read, including Young Super Hero fans who like Captain Marvel or who enjoy Super Hero themes.