Willis Elementary

Thank you Bedford Falls for providing our school with a much better option than the excessively commercialized Scholastic.  I’ve had book fairs for the last 35 years and have spent much of that time being frustrated with Scholastic.  They do not tailor their fairs to my requests nor do they pay any attention to the surveys I spend valuable time filling out.  They do, however, continuously make changes, but they are always changes that improve their bottom line and not ours.   

 In wonderful contrast, Bedford Falls listened to my requests as well as followed through, sending us a fair of both quality and quantity.  Our students and staff made many positive comments on the fair, with numerous students entering the library exclaiming, “Wow!”  Wow, indeed!  Needless to say, Bedford Falls, you are our new book fair vendor.  Many thanks for a job well done!   Anita Foley, Librarian,  Willis, VA

Springfield Elementary

The kids LOVED the huge selection of books and we were able to buy over 550 books for teachers with donations and profits! Michelle Hohl, Book Fair Chair, Fort Mill, SC

Antietam Elementary

We LOVED the selection at the fair.  We were highly impressed with the selection overall.  And I mean, HIGHLY impressed.  The chapter book selection was insane.  We're excited to use you all again!   😊  Anamaria Wyatt, Media Specialist, Woodbridge, VA

Wesleyan School

We have just completed our first Bedford Falls Book Fair, and we couldn't be happier.  After over 30 years of Scholastic fairs, it was refreshing to work with a company that puts people first.  Thank you for thinking of our students by providing a wide selection of quality books that were age-appropriate.  Thank you for not sending water bottles, t-shirts, bags, posters and charms attached to books. 

Everyone from Bedford Falls with whom I had contact was gracious and professional.  Kudos to your drivers, tech support, and especially Joan for their help.

We look forward to working with you again.   Julie Rosenkranz, Librarian, Peachtree Corners, GA


Jefferson Elementary School

What an incredible book fair experience! Teachers and parents were thrilled with the book selection! Our school is Pre-K through 2nd grade, we appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into the book selection.  We had books that our students were truly interested in and wanted to purchase. We loved having no junk and minimal "not book" items. 

My clerk and I loved the efficient way the book fair was set up and taken down. It was like the "book fair fairies" came to our library! Great customer service!  Reorders were delivered the next day and I had no trouble getting as many restocks as I needed. We have finally found a partner to build a relationship with for our book fairs! We will use Bedford Falls from now on!   Erica Golding, Media Specialist, Jefferson, GA

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy

Overall our experience with Bedford Falls has been so wonderfully positive!!!  We have parents, teachers and students still talking about how awesome it was for so many reasons.  

What we are most impressed with was the selection of books.  All grade levels were so excited about so many different series and titles that were intended for them!!  Our middle school teachers said their students have finally felt included in the book fair because they had a whole section of books that spoke to their reading levels and content that excited them!  The little's were so excited to see their favorite characters on the covers of the Easy Readers Selections.

Our Volunteers and Staff kept complimenting the streamlined and cleanliness of the display carts, it made books easy to find, so much less clutter and easy to maneuver around!

Our Parents were thrilled that there wasn't near as much "Junk" being sold so their kids could focus on quality books and not add to the junk piles they have already accumulated over years past.

The boys and girls loved the "Sports" Section...by the way!  I heard several kids talking about that area specifically.

Delivery and Pick UP: I just want to brag on how kind and personable your crews were for both Pick up and Delivery...great folks to work with!!!   Nylsa Smallwood, Library Coordinator, Marietta, GA

Princess Anne Middle

Thanks for another wonderful book fair!  The books came well organized and the kids had a lot to choose from.  As always, your customer service is excellent!  Jessie Lindsey, Book Fair Chair, Virginia Beach, VA

Sully Elementary

We ♥ BFBF and had another library come visit to help her decide to go with you in the future.  Thank you so much for your willingness to work with our specific needs!!    Valerie Wade, Media Specialist, Librarian, Sterling, VA

Providence Academy

Wow.  You guys blew us away.  This was a FANTASTIC fair!  The only thing I would ask is for more non-fiction (My students LOVE non-fiction books.)  Thanks so much for making all these TN kiddos so happy!  Suzy Bomgardner, Media Specialist, Johnson City, TN

Zebulon Elementary

Always Awesome!  Erica Flory, Media Specialist, Zebulon, NC

Three Chopt Elementary 

I never consider another company.  Your dependability & customer service keep me loyal!  Rhonda Riddick, Media Specialist, Richmond, VA

Dunn Middle

Several students said this was the best book fair!   Jennifer Tompkins, Media Coordinator, Dunn, NC

Mabry Middle 

We loved having the Bedford Falls Book Fair!  Even our students commented on the quality of the books. Bedford Falls special ordered our Summer Reading List books. SOLD OUT!  The staff is so supportive and accommodating.  They were a breath of fresh air!    Anita Norton, Media Specialist, Marietta, GA

Providence Christian School

We absolutely loved the book fair! Every teacher commented on how much they appreciated the book selection, the small amount of non-book items. Loved the way that the books were arranged on the carts and racks--a true librarian's dream!

Your setting up the fair was also a dream come true. It usually takes us 3 days to decorate and set-up and at least 5 people. And a full day to take it down. So we had much less down time for the library. Reorders went very smoothly--we were amazed at how quickly we received  what we had requested. The tablets were easy to use, very user friendly, with intuitive steps for each operation.  

The students seemed to like the books too, as well as the squishies. It was great to be able to have the summer reading books available to purchase. Some of our 5th and 6th graders didn't get brought to the book fair as deliberately as the the other grades. I just need to push harder on the teachers next year.

I thought our sales were very good. It was actually a 4-day fair. We did all of our previews on Monday morning, not doing any sales. And we closed at 1:00 on Friday. I think I would probably like to be able to have delivery and set up on a Thursday, with previews and teacher sneak peeks on Friday. To give us a little more time.

Even though Betsy and I were the only cashiers--it seemed a lot less frantic than the other book fair that we have.

Thank you so much for all you did to make it happen for us, to answer questions, to be our support. You have a great team!     Gwen Porter, Media Specialist, Lilburn, GA


Pearsontown Elementary

The nice man who picked up the fair actually asked me just before he left if we had any complaints or suggestions for improvement, which I thought was awesome!  That tells me (as if I didn't already know 🙂 ) how customer focused you are on customer service.  Of course I had no complaints.  I would like to add very satisfied with the Spanish/ bilingual books!  We needed those and the 2 boxes were perfect.   Holly Bryan, Book Fair Chair, Durham, NC

John Wayland Elementary

"The fair was great!  Since I have used Bedford Falls as the Book Fair Company for my school, there have been nothing but compliments from parents and teachers!  Students have commented about the books and kits very positively!  Students and teachers gave input on what titles and/or series they wanted to have on the fair and as a result, everyone found something they absolutely loved.  Thank you for such great work!"  Amy Harris, Media Specialist, Bridgewater, VA

Carver Elementary

"The Bedford Falls Book Fair was fantastic! I love the bookstore set-up and the wonderful selection of books for all of our pre-k through 5th grade readers.  The selection is awesome. Parents, students, and staff were happy and our fair was a success."  Betty McCloud, Raleigh, NC

Hilburn Academy

"I wanted to let you know that we had such a FANTASTIC book fair last week with Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  The selection was far superior to the other vendor we have used in the past. The teachers in particular were very happy about the variety of books and shopped for their own classrooms as well.  The prices of the books were mostly under $10 so EVERYONE took advantage and bought books for gifts, their classrooms, their kids and even for the adults.  We kept the “toys” area to mostly “educational/relevant” type toys and nobody complained.  In fact, we sold most of everything we had put out.   Our sales grew 30% this year.  I attribute that to the better selection, the low price point on most of the books and your daily delivery of restock items!  Your customer service was fantastic.  We received reorders daily and without question or comment.  This helped us sell more books instead of running out.  Thank you again for your customer service and flexibility.  Our school will use Bedford Falls again in the spring for our “Summer Reading” program that we wish to implement this upcoming year.  Based on the success of our holiday book fair, I’m confident our next fair will be equally wonderful!  Please feel free to give my contact info to any potential school that is interested in learning about or switching to Bedford Falls. We had a great fair and we have the numbers to prove it!"   Kristine Flora, Raleigh, NC

Round Hill Elementary

"Bedford Falls is filled with the most helpful and responsive people - at all levels - than any other vendor I have worked with!  Lisa Wieman, Loudoun County, VA

Johnson Elementary

"We are SO happy with what we received from Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  I have had positive comments from teachers, students, and parents regarding the selection, variety, and quality of the titles, as well as the value.  I am so glad that we decided to try using Bedford Falls this year - it is a wonderful fit."  Sarah Messham, VA

Eaton Elementary

"We really enjoyed our Bedford Falls book fair, and heard nothing but rave reviews from teachers, parents, and of course, the students!  Also, your help was crucial.  You were a pleasure to work with and were there every time we needed you.  Thank you very much! Thomas was also very helpful and friendly. Having him move the shelves and boxes was such a load off, compared to our past experiences."  Nikki  Zeldin, Wilmington, NC, First-time Customer 

Mehfoud Elementary

"I am so pleased every year with Bedford Falls Book Fairs.  The set up and pack up is awesome and I love the selection of books sent.  Paperback books are so much more affordable for our families and there's such a great selection of them. Thank You!"   Deanna Pollard, Librarian, Mehfoud Elementary, Henrico, VA

Endeavor Charter School

"I have gotten nothing but great feedback from our teachers, students, and parents since we switched to Bedford Falls several years ago.  They love the selection and customer service and I love the convenient delivery system!  Ready-packed racks roll right into our building ready to sell.  The equipment they use to ring up purchases and total sales couldn't be easier.  We are so glad we switched!"   Laura Hill, Book Fair Chair, Endeavor Charter School, Wake Forest, NC

Discovery Elementary

"Selection was incredible"   Discovery Elementary, VA

Waterford Elementary

"The selection was amazing."  Waterford Elementary, VA

Rolesville Elementary

"The thing I like most about Bedford Falls Book Fairs is the quick turn-around times for special orders and restocks.  We really appreciate being able to keep our fair stocked for all the classes and provide next day delivery for special orders."   Ginny Boyd, Book Fair Chairperson, Roslesville Elementary PTA (2010-2013), Rolesville, NC