Fall 2019 Elementary Flyer Summaries

Picture Books

If I Built a House:  A perfect way to kickstart the imagination, this tale of the house young Jack would build features a home with a flying room, a racetrack, an indoor pool and other ingenious features.  With retro illustrations that make the story jump off of the pages, this story will tickle the minds of young readers as they ponder the house they might build if given a chance.

Mad Scientist Academy: The Space Disaster:  Told in a sequence of illustrated panels, this edition of the Mad Scientist Academy series finds the students being challenged to uncover the secrets of the solar system at Dr. Cosmic’s planetarium.  Perfect story to celebrate the 50th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon.

I’m Trying to Love Spiders:  A terrific read-aloud that educates as it entertains, this non-fiction is packed with facts about these amazing arachnids that every spider lover (and not so fond folks!) will enjoy.

Whoosh!  Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions:  This illustrated biography of Lonnie Johnson, an African American boy from Alabama with a knack for building and creating, tells young readers about many of this incredible inventor’s achievements.  From designing a system that could supply constant power to spacecraft computers to inventing the “Super Soaker”, a water squirt gun everyone loves, this determined young scientist never gave up on his dreams. 

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything:  A young boy, certain that doing errands with his mother will be as boring as ever, is ecstatic to find that instead of lollipops, stickers, or balloons, the local stores are giving a free dinosaur to every customer.  As they visit the bakery, the doctor, and the barbershop, receiving a large and very alive dinosaur at each, the boy is thrilled but his mom is not sure at all that they can take these creatures home.  With an ending that will satisfy kids and parents, this story is sure to become every reader’s favorite.

Early Readers

Wild Kratts, Lion Pride!:  When the Kratt brothers visit Africa, they discover that, even with the Creature Powers from their Lion Power discs, keeping up with a pack of lion cubs is no easy task.  This fact-filled story about the king of the jungle also includes collector cards with pictures and information about the animals of Africa.

Sisters Save the Day!:  When Barbie’s dad decides that the family will go camping and leave their phones off and their car at home, the girls are not sure they will like this adventure.  They learn to work together to cook over a fire, wash dishes by hand, and entertain themselves with games and songs.  When their mom has an emergency call from work, however, will the girls find a way to help?  A great story about enjoying family time and working together. 

Truth or Lie:  Dinosaurs!:  A selection from a new series that challenges young readers to separate fact from fiction, this book presents sets of four statements, three of which are true and one that is a lie.  A great choice for testing knowledge about these prehistoric creatures and learning the real truth about them, this non-fiction reader is a must for every classroom.

Truth or Lie:  Sharks:  This book in the Truth or Lie series will test how much the reader really knows about these creatures of the sea, with sets of statements about them, some of which are true and some that are not.  A fun new way to love learning!

A Sea Otter to the Rescue:  This is a true story of a female otter living in a California aquarium who became a mother for orphan otter pups, helping them learn the skills they would need to survive.  She inspired new laws to help protect endangered species.  Tips for readers who want to help save the sea otters are also included.

Pinkalicious:  Dragon to the Rescue:  Pinkalicious and her friends want to roast marshmallows at their outdoor camping party, but the winds are strong and keep blowing out the campfire.  Can Pinkalicious’s friend, Gertie the dragon, help out and keep the party from being a disaster?

Marvel Amazing Powers:  Young super hero fans will love this collection of facts about comic characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and Black Widow.  What are the amazing abilities these heroes use to keep villains at bay?

Beginning Chapter

Magic on the Map:  Let’s Mooove!:  Twins Finn and Molly believe they must be dreaming when they discover a camper in their driveway – a camper that talks!  When the RV transports them to a cattle ranch in Colorado, they know something magical has happened.  When the camper suddenly disappears, however, the twins wonder how they will find their way back home!  With facts about the state the twins visit in each book, this new series will be one fans of the Magic Tree House books will love.

Magic on the Map:  The Show Must Go On:  When their magical camper transports twins Finn and Molly to New York City, they are excited to meet kid star Hallie Hampton.  The two are happy to help Hallie win a scavenger hunt before her opening night, but are they doing all the work?  A second tale in this series of magical adventures around the country, facts about New York are included as well.

Owl Diaries:  Trip to the Pumpkin Farm:  Eva’s class is excited about their fall trip to the pumpkin farm where they will pick apples, milk cows, and perhaps meet new friends.  When a prize-winning pumpkin goes missing, however, can Eva and her friends solve the mystery of its disappearance?  A story about kindness and being thankful that Owl Diary fans will love.

Mermaid Tales:  The Narwhal Problem:  Kiki and the other merkids are excited that two narwhal scientists and their daughter will be visiting Trident Academy.  All the students want to be the young narwhal’s buddy for the visit so their teacher, Dr. Reef, decides to halve a code deciphering contest to determine the lucky volunteer.  Does Kiki, who has never studied codes, have a chance to win the contest?  When the young narwhal visits Trident Academy, the merkids are surprised that she has a problem that she hopes they can help with.  Can Kiki and her friends help solve the narwhal’s problem?  A wonderful story with STEM themes.

Press Start!:  Robo-Rabbit Boy, Go!:  Super Rabbit Boy is in trouble!  He has been kidnapped by Queen Spooky and her ghost troop.  Without him, the residents of Animal Town are afraid.  The mean King Viking creates Robo-Rabbit Boy to help.  This robot is fast and strong like Super Rabbit Boy but is he really a hero or an evil invention?  The newest tale in a popular series.

Jada Jones:  Dancing Queen:  When her school’s student council decides to host a dance to raise money to buy coats for those in need, Jada is excited but nervous.  She doesn’t know how to dance but wants to participate to help her community.  She practices her moves, gets help from her friends and even does research at the library but will it be enough to get her on the dance floor?  This newest title in a favorite series is sure to be a hit!

Unicorn Academy:  Ava and Star:  Ava and her unicorn, Star, love their beautiful garden at Unicorn Academy, a school on Unicorn Island where girls and their unicorns have wonderful adventures.  When the sky berries that they grow and that the unicorns must have to survive begin to disappear, however, Ava and Star will need all their skills and courage to find the berries before every unicorn’s magic begins to disappear.  The perfect choice for unicorn lovers, and who isn’t these days!

Unicorn Academy:  Isabel and Cloud:  Isabel tends to be impulsive and reckless, not always thinking about the consequences before she acts.  Her unicorn, Cloud, on the other hand is cautious and careful.  Isabel thinks Cloud is rather dull and boring but when the two go off on a thrilling adventure along the coast of Unicorn Island, they face terrible danger.  Can they learn to work together to survive?