Fall 2019 Elementary Flyer Summaries

Picture Books

If I Built a House:  A perfect way to kickstart the imagination, this tale of the house young Jack would build features a home with a flying room, a racetrack, an indoor pool and other ingenious features.  With retro illustrations that make the story jump off of the pages, this story will tickle the minds of young readers as they ponder the house they might build if given a chance.

Mad Scientist Academy: The Space Disaster:  Told in a sequence of illustrated panels, this edition of the Mad Scientist Academy series finds the students being challenged to uncover the secrets of the solar system at Dr. Cosmic’s planetarium.  Perfect story to celebrate the 50th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon.

I’m Trying to Love Spiders:  A terrific read-aloud that educates as it entertains, this non-fiction is packed with facts about these amazing arachnids that every spider lover (and not so fond folks!) will enjoy.

Whoosh!  Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions:  This illustrated biography of Lonnie Johnson, an African American boy from Alabama with a knack for building and creating, tells young readers about many of this incredible inventor’s achievements.  From designing a system that could supply constant power to spacecraft computers to inventing the “Super Soaker”, a water squirt gun everyone loves, this determined young scientist never gave up on his dreams. 

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything:  A young boy, certain that doing errands with his mother will be as boring as ever, is ecstatic to find that instead of lollipops, stickers, or balloons, the local stores are giving a free dinosaur to every customer.  As they visit the bakery, the doctor, and the barbershop, receiving a large and very alive dinosaur at each, the boy is thrilled but his mom is not sure at all that they can take these creatures home.  With an ending that will satisfy kids and parents, this story is sure to become every reader’s favorite.

Early Readers

Wild Kratts, Lion Pride!:  When the Kratt brothers visit Africa, they discover that, even with the Creature Powers from their Lion Power discs, keeping up with a pack of lion cubs is no easy task.  This fact-filled story about the king of the jungle also includes collector cards with pictures and information about the animals of Africa.

Sisters Save the Day!:  When Barbie’s dad decides that the family will go camping and leave their phones off and their car at home, the girls are not sure they will like this adventure.  They learn to work together to cook over a fire, wash dishes by hand, and entertain themselves with games and songs.  When their mom has an emergency call from work, however, will the girls find a way to help?  A great story about enjoying family time and working together. 

Truth or Lie:  Dinosaurs!:  A selection from a new series that challenges young readers to separate fact from fiction, this book presents sets of four statements, three of which are true and one that is a lie.  A great choice for testing knowledge about these prehistoric creatures and learning the real truth about them, this non-fiction reader is a must for every classroom.

Truth or Lie:  Sharks:  This book in the Truth or Lie series will test how much the reader really knows about these creatures of the sea, with sets of statements about them, some of which are true and some that are not.  A fun new way to love learning!

A Sea Otter to the Rescue:  This is a true story of a female otter living in a California aquarium who became a mother for orphan otter pups, helping them learn the skills they would need to survive.  She inspired new laws to help protect endangered species.  Tips for readers who want to help save the sea otters are also included.

Pinkalicious:  Dragon to the Rescue:  Pinkalicious and her friends want to roast marshmallows at their outdoor camping party, but the winds are strong and keep blowing out the campfire.  Can Pinkalicious’s friend, Gertie the dragon, help out and keep the party from being a disaster?

Marvel Amazing Powers:  Young super hero fans will love this collection of facts about comic characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and Black Widow.  What are the amazing abilities these heroes use to keep villains at bay?

Beginning Chapter

Magic on the Map:  Let’s Mooove!:  Twins Finn and Molly believe they must be dreaming when they discover a camper in their driveway – a camper that talks!  When the RV transports them to a cattle ranch in Colorado, they know something magical has happened.  When the camper suddenly disappears, however, the twins wonder how they will find their way back home!  With facts about the state the twins visit in each book, this new series will be one fans of the Magic Tree House books will love.

Magic on the Map:  The Show Must Go On:  When their magical camper transports twins Finn and Molly to New York City, they are excited to meet kid star Hallie Hampton.  The two are happy to help Hallie win a scavenger hunt before her opening night, but are they doing all the work?  A second tale in this series of magical adventures around the country, facts about New York are included as well.

Owl Diaries:  Trip to the Pumpkin Farm:  Eva’s class is excited about their fall trip to the pumpkin farm where they will pick apples, milk cows, and perhaps meet new friends.  When a prize-winning pumpkin goes missing, however, can Eva and her friends solve the mystery of its disappearance?  A story about kindness and being thankful that Owl Diary fans will love.

Mermaid Tales:  The Narwhal Problem:  Kiki and the other merkids are excited that two narwhal scientists and their daughter will be visiting Trident Academy.  All the students want to be the young narwhal’s buddy for the visit so their teacher, Dr. Reef, decides to halve a code deciphering contest to determine the lucky volunteer.  Does Kiki, who has never studied codes, have a chance to win the contest?  When the young narwhal visits Trident Academy, the merkids are surprised that she has a problem that she hopes they can help with.  Can Kiki and her friends help solve the narwhal’s problem?  A wonderful story with STEM themes.

Press Start!:  Robo-Rabbit Boy, Go!:  Super Rabbit Boy is in trouble!  He has been kidnapped by Queen Spooky and her ghost troop.  Without him, the residents of Animal Town are afraid.  The mean King Viking creates Robo-Rabbit Boy to help.  This robot is fast and strong like Super Rabbit Boy but is he really a hero or an evil invention?  The newest tale in a popular series.

Jada Jones:  Dancing Queen:  When her school’s student council decides to host a dance to raise money to buy coats for those in need, Jada is excited but nervous.  She doesn’t know how to dance but wants to participate to help her community.  She practices her moves, gets help from her friends and even does research at the library but will it be enough to get her on the dance floor?  This newest title in a favorite series is sure to be a hit!

Unicorn Academy:  Ava and Star:  Ava and her unicorn, Star, love their beautiful garden at Unicorn Academy, a school on Unicorn Island where girls and their unicorns have wonderful adventures.  When the sky berries that they grow and that the unicorns must have to survive begin to disappear, however, Ava and Star will need all their skills and courage to find the berries before every unicorn’s magic begins to disappear.  The perfect choice for unicorn lovers, and who isn’t these days!

Unicorn Academy:  Isabel and Cloud:  Isabel tends to be impulsive and reckless, not always thinking about the consequences before she acts.  Her unicorn, Cloud, on the other hand is cautious and careful.  Isabel thinks Cloud is rather dull and boring but when the two go off on a thrilling adventure along the coast of Unicorn Island, they face terrible danger.  Can they learn to work together to survive? 

Chapter Books

Wonderland: Fourth grader Mavis Jeeter is fearless and bold but she has never
lived in one place long enough to have a real best friend. When her flighty
mother decides they’ll move to Landry, Alabama where she will be the
housekeeper for the well-to-do Tully family, Mavis hopes this will be where she
finds that friend. The Tully family has a daughter just Mavis’s age, but Rose is shy
and afraid of breaking any of her mother’s strict rules. She is a worrier who feels
like she doesn’t fit in with the other girls in her neighborhood. Her closest friend is  Mr. Duffy, the gatekeeper for the neighborhood, but since his dog Queenie
died, he has been sad and forgetful. Mavis convinces Rose that if they can find a
new dog for Mr. Duffy, he’ll be his old self soon. Their mission, however, may
involve some rule-breaking and test the budding friendship of these very different
girls. A sweet story of human and canine friendship from a favorite author,
Barbara O’Connor!

Superstar: Lester loves two things – science and being homeschooled by his
mom. The two have been especially close since the mission-related death of his
astronaut father five years ago. When Mom announces that she has taken a full-
time job and Lester will begin attending public school, he finds that his behavior
challenges, the manifestations of autism, make life at school challenging to say
the least. The noise in the cafeteria, last minute schedule changes, and the
destruction of a Superman figurine from his father that he relies on for comfort
seem overwhelming. Two kind-hearted classmates and the annual science fair, an
opportunity to delve into his love of space (a topic he is forbidden to discuss at
home) may be the keys to his adjustment, however. Perfect for fans of Fish in a
Tree and Wonder.

Caterpillar Summer: Fifth-grader Cat and her first-grade brother Chicken have
always had a special bond, especially since their father’s death. She knows her
mom is counting on her to help deal with Chicken’s meltdowns, his tendency to
run away, his aversion to tags in his clothes and other challenging behaviors. Her
mom, a children’s book author, is working very hard to keep the family afloat
while Cat seems to be the glue holding it together. When a stay with friends
while their mother is away teaching a three- week writing class is cancelled at the
last minute, the children find themselves staying with their mother’s parents,
grandparents they have never known, in a cottage at the beach. As she begins to
trust her gentle and kind grandmother to care for Chicken, Cat learns how to be a
kid again. As she begins to learn more about her mother’s childhood and slowly
warm her grandfather’s heart, she learns the true meaning of family. An
outstanding debut novel that can’t wait for paperback to be read!

Midnight Arcade: Crypt Quest/Space Battles: A play-your-way adventure tale in
which the reader determines the course of action, ultimately controlling whether
they will live or die! After climbing a fence near an abandoned mall, the reader
discovers a haunted video arcade, managed by a ghostly attendant. Presented
with a magical game token, you select which game you wish to play – Crypt Quest
or Space Battles. With unique villains and life-like game play, readers will devour
this book that can be different every time it’s read!

Abraham Lincoln: Pro Wrestler: It seems that no one in Abby’s class likes
history, especially her stepbrother Doc. Who wants to study boring old people
who lived long ago? Suddenly, because of their complaints, Abraham Lincoln
appears, having travelled through a cardboard box portal, to announce that he is
quitting history to pursue his dream of becoming a pro wrestler. Can Abby and
Doc, realizing that Lincoln must return to take his place as our 16 th president,
convince this famous man to take his true place in history? With illustrations,
short chapters, and outlandish antics, this first in the Time Twisters series will
inform and entertain even the most reluctant of readers.

Life According to Og the Frog: Narrated by Og himself, this companion to the
favorite Humphrey series is the story of the second pet in Classroom 26. Glad to
get away from a bully bullfrog in the classroom next door, Og the Frog does miss
the swamp but is settling into his new home. He is especially curious about
Humphrey the hamster and wishes he could understand the furry creature’s
squeaks and chittering. Yet, just when he seems to be feeling at home, Og
realizes that he may be sent back to the swamp! Delightful new series for
Humphrey fans and animal lovers of all ages.

One Good Thing About America: Told in the form of letters to her grandmother,
this story of Anais, a nine- year-old immigrant from the Congo, tells of the
adjustments she, her mother, and younger brother face in their new life in Maine.
Anais misses her father, older brother, and the grandmother who has asked her
granddaughter to write to her and include “one good thing about America” in
each letter. As she has new experiences like trick-or-treating and Christmas,
Anais makes new friends yet she is always worried about the safety of her father
and brother. With a text that reflects the grammatical errors and misspellings of someone learning English, this is an insightful look at the life of a child new to the
United States.

Molly’s Story: CJ desperately wants to have the puppy Molly for her own.
However, her rather self-absorbed mother does not like dogs and would never
agree to let her daughter keep the dog. Keeping Molly in the basement with
instructions to keep quiet when her mother is home, CJ relishes her time alone
with the dog and even skips school to be with her. When Molly escapes from the
basement and is picked up by Animal Control while exploring the neighborhood,
CJ’s mom takes the puppy to the animal shelter without telling her daughter. CJ,
learning of her mother’s action, is determined to get Molly back no matter what
she has to do to do so. A story for animal lovers that does examine some poor
choices by both CJ and her mother, this latest in the Puppy Tales series is one not
to be missed.

The Night Diary: It is 1947 and Nisha and her twin brother, Amil, celebrate their
12 th birthdays one month before India receives independence from Great Britain
and splits into India, largely Hindu, and Pakistan, primarily Muslim. The twins’
father is Hindu while their deceased mother was Muslim. Nisha, who is very shy
and feels distant from her stern father and grandmother, begins to write entries
to her mother about all that is happening in her life in a diary she received for her
birthday. When the riots surrounding the Partition escalate, the family is forced
to leave their hometown, now a part of the new Pakistan, and the beloved
Muslim cook that Nisha often confided in, for life in a new India. The journey is a
long, difficult, and dangerous one, exposing the true cost of conflict upon a girl
and her family. This is truly must-read historical fiction for older elementary

The Rhino in Right Field: For the twelve years of his life, baseball fanatic Nick has
done what his hard-working Greek immigrant parents want him to do. Now,
though, he is ready to pursue his own dreams. When the new owner of the local
semi-pro baseball team pumps new energy into it and announces a contest to
select a local kid to be a batboy for the day, Nick is determined to win. The
contest is on a Saturday, however, the day Nick has to help in his father’s store.
Moreover, the presence of a 2000 pound rhino in a pen at the zoo beside the field
where Nick and his friends practice has left him with a fear of fly balls. The school bully has also vowed that he’ll win the contest, even if he has to play dirty to do it.
This fast-paced, funny story of curveballs on the field and off is a lighthearted
choice for young sports fans.

Saving Winslow: Ten-year-old Louie doesn’t have a good track record for taking
care of animals. Worms, goldfish, a hamster, a snake and a lizard are just a few of
the ones that have died or escaped on his watch. When his father brings home a
weak, orphaned newborn mini-donkey from his uncle’s farm, Louie is determined
to do everything in his power to save the pitiful creature he names Winslow.
Providing constant care for Winslow helps Louie feel closer to his older brother
Gus who is away serving with the army. Louie’s new friend, a girl named Nora, is
constantly pessimistic about the donkey’s chances of survival, however, hesitant
to form an attachment to Winslow for fear of losing yet another important part of
her life. This heartwarming story with short chapters and minimal text will
become a new favorite for those who love Charlotte’s Web or Because of Winn-

Front Desk: Set in the early 1990’s, ten-year-old Mia Tang’s Chinese immigrant
parents have been hired to manage a California motel, and envision bright times
ahead. Despite their tireless and exhausting efforts, however, the mean-spirited
owner of the place exploits their hard work. Mia, who has taken charge of the
front desk, becomes a key part of her family’s compassionate determination to
help those in worse straits than themselves. Determined to become a writer
despite her mother’s assertion that Mia will never really be proficient in English,
Mia produces creatively forged letters to help the victims of injustice the family is
sheltering at the motel at the risk of losing their jobs. Based on the experiences
of the author, this story is one of the power of hope and determination in the face
of overwhelming obstacles.

Boy Bites Bug: Seventh-grader Will Nolan didn’t plan to eat a stinkbug, but when
his friend Darryl calls a new Hispanic student, Eloy, a derogatory name, Will
impulsively does so to distract the bully. Labelling him “Bug Boy”, Will’s
classmates begin teasing him with creative meals like “French flies” and “Maggot-
aroni”. As tensions with Daryl increase, Will questions his friendship with the boy
and gets to know Eloy whose father is the chef at Will’s favorite local restaurant.
Inspired by his new fame, Bug Boy decides to do a class project on entomophagy, the eating of bugs as real food. With Eloy’s help, he even decides to prepare a
variety of edible insect items to sell as a wrestling tournament fundraiser. When
Will betrays the Hispanic boy’s trust, however, he must decide what type of
person he wants to be and what choices he must make when it comes to selecting
friends. A tale of middle school hijinks that will appeal to fans of Diary of a
Wimpy Kid (and teach a few lessons along the way!)

Scout: Storm Dog: Scout, a National Guard dog, was born to be a hero. When
Scout and his twelve-year-old owner, Matt, land in Puerto Rico after a devastating
hurricane, they want to help. The two decide to foster an injured dog named
Rosita who seems to be desperately searching for something. When the dog runs
off and disappears into the rain forest, it is up to Scout, Matt, and their new friend
Luisa too find the missing dog and return her to safety. A great choice for fans of
Max and Cracker.

The Problim Children: While their parents are off on a weeks long exploration,
the seven Problim siblings’ ramshackle bungalow in the Swampy Woods goes
kaboom and they must find themselves a new place to live. Luckily, the oldest girl
remembers that when he last visited, their grandfather gave her the deed to his
house in the nearby town of Lost Cove, now sitting abandoned since his death
seven years ago. The children move into the house which is rumored to be the
site of a hidden treasure, a treasure that the villainous neighbor, Desdemona
O’Pinion, is determined to find. As the children work to solve the clues and
riddles left by their grandfather to disclose the treasure, Desdemona and the
town’s less than honest mayor scheme to evict the children who can’t confirm
that they are the true owners of the house without evidence from their wayward
parents. This quirky first in a trilogy tale of seven children, one born on each day
of the week, will appeal to fans of Roald Dahl and the Lemony Snicket books.

A Whale in Paris: Twelve-year-old Chantal Dupray and her father are living in
Paris during its occupation by the Germans during WWII. Going to the Seine each
evening to catch fish for supper, she is amazed one night to see a small whale that
has gotten lost and is now stranded in the river. As the people of Paris find it
increasingly difficult to find food, the whale, which Chantal has named Franklin in
honor of the American president the French hope will send troops to rescue
them, is in danger of being caught and eaten. The German soldiers believe Franklin is a sign of good luck for their war efforts and put up a net across the
mouth of the river to keep him from escaping until they can catch him as a gift for
Adolf Hitler. When Chantal’s dad and aunt are arrested for being part of the
Resistance movement and taken to a prison away from Paris, she is determined to
find a way to get to them and to get Franklin to safety. An imaginative tale
blending history, hope, and heroism.

Until Tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth: When eleven-year-old Reenie Kelly and her
brothers and sent to live with their grandmother while their dad is working long
hours to pay off the medical bills of her deceased mother, she takes on a summer
paper route with her older brother Dare. Introducing herself to all the customers
on her route, Reenie is stumped by just one – the reclusive Mr. Marsworth who
never answers his doorbell. Determined to get to know the elderly gentleman,
she begins leaving letters for him and delights in his sporadic replies. Pouring out
her fears that her oldest brother Billy will have to go and fight in Vietnam since
the family cannot afford to send him to college, Reenie asks Mr. Marsworth for
advice and help in keeping him home, a stance that is very unpopular in their
small midwestern town. Told in the parade of letters between Reenie and Mr.
Marsworth and those she writes to a young Vietnam soldier pen pal, this book
explores the dilemmas of pacifism and patriotism for older elementary readers.

Supergifted: In this sequel to Ungifted, Donovan Curtis has returned to
Hardcastle Middle School where he is joined by the genius yet geeky former
schoolmate, Noah Youkilis, who wants to see what it’s like at a public school.
Going out of his way to pick activities he isn’t good at like woodshop and
cheerleading so he can improve at something, Noah decides that being “normal”
is harder than being a genius. When standing up for his nerdy friend against the
school super jock “Hashtag” ignites an intense feud between the two, Donovan is
forbidden by his father from being anywhere near the boy. But when Donovan
keeps a runaway truck from crashing into a house next to Hashtag’s, he realizes
he can’t take credit for the heroic feat or risk his father’s wrath. When the local
pressure for the hero to reveal himself ramps up, Noah declares that he was the
“superkid” who stopped the truck. When Noah’s fame goes statewide, however,
Donovan begins to question how smart it was to hide the truth! A funny and
heartwarming story by favorite author Gordon Korman.

My Life as a Ninja: Derek and his friends decide to join a local martial arts school
to learn how to be ninjas. When someone starts vandalizing their school with
graffiti of a mischievous troll-like creature, these ninjas-in-training are convinced
they ‘ll be able to crack the case. But it turns out that being a real ninja is a lot
more work than they thought. Add the challenge of putting on the class
Revolutionary War play, and Derek may have more than he can handle! A perfect
choice for Wimpy Kid devotees and anyone who thinks reading can’t be fun.

A Pup Called Trouble: Trouble is a curious and energetic coyote pup whose
parents fear that his inquisitiveness will get him into trouble. Sure enough, one
night he strays from the den to explore the contents of a local produce truck and
finds himself transported to a farmer’s market in New York City. A wily crow
named Mischief guides the young coyote to Central Park where he makes friends
with a shy opossum named Rosebud and a wise owl named Professor. When
Trouble falls for a prissy but good-natured poodle whose owner brings her to the
park, however, he begins to lose some of his wildness and is less cautious about
the dangers of the city. When he gets close to a little girl visiting Central Park, he
is spotted and Animal Control vows to catch him. Will Trouble risk the perils of a
long journey home or, with the help of his friends, evade capture and make
Central Park his home? Based on the real-life instances of coyotes inhabiting
Central Park, this is a perfect choice for animal lovers of all ages.

Willa of the Wood: Young Willa is a night spirit, a member of the dwindling
Faeran clan that once numbered in the thousands and served as stewards of the
forests of the Great Smoky Mountains. The current padaran, however, insists
that the clan abandon the old ways of foraging and caring for the mountain
plants, forcing the young night spirits to slip into the homes of the “day folk”, the
local human homesteaders, to steal items that he deems valuable. When Willa is
badly wounded one evening while scavenging in a day folk home, the man living
there tries to help her, completely contradicting the padaran’s claim that all
humans are murderous monsters. Struggling to return to her home in Dead
Hollow, Willa is shocked to discover that her own clan is hiding secrets and must
decide if she will defy their leader and threaten the magic that has been the
foundation of her clan. A magical new series from the author of the Serafina tales
that will delight fantasy lovers ….and even those who don’t think they are!

Breakout! : Nora Tucker and her best friend, Lizzie, have grown up in Wolf Creek,
a small town in upstate New York where the economy revolves almost completely
around the maximum security prison where Nora’s father is the superintendent.
The two girls and new friend Elidee, a black girl who has recently moved to Wolf
Creek so she and her mother can be closer to her brother who is an inmate at the
prison, anticipate a summer filled with ice cream and swimming. When two
prisoners escape from the largely minority jail, however, tensions in the town
begin to rise. Nora is confused about Elidee’s reluctance to openly support the
corrections staff, police, and volunteers involved in the manhunt, unaware of the
isolation the young girl feels as one of only a few blacks in Wolf Creek. As Nora
and Lizzie write brief reports about the event and Elidee responds with poetry
inspired by Jacqueline Woodson and Lin-Manuel Miranda that the three will
submit for a school time capsule project, the girls begin to question just how
welcoming their town really is. An amazing coming of age story about recognizing
what has been in plain sight all along.

Grump: The (Fairly) True Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: In this
imaginative retelling of a classic fairy tale, we meet Borlen, a young dwarf whose
unnatural fear of the deep makes his life mining jewels far underground misery.
Nicknamed “Grump”, he finds a way to escape the tunnels to The Surface where
life seems to be a dream come true. He is befriended by Queen Elfrieda Veronika
Ingrid Lenore (E.V.I.L.) who treats him as a trusted advisor and feeds him all the
rubies he can eat in exchange for magic and information. After turning her
looking glass into a magic mirror, however, Grump begins to realize that the
queen may not be as nice as she seems. When he is ordered to help the evil ruler
kill her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White, Grump may be in over his head.
Bound by magic to both help the queen and protect the beautiful Snow White,
can he find a way to dig out of this jewel of a predicament? A delightful story that
takes a new look at an old favorite.

Endling: The Last: Byx has always seen herself as the least of her pack, a species
of dog-like creatures called the dairne. When all of the other dairne in her
homeland of Nedarra are murdered by humans under the rule of the evil
Murdano, however, Byx truly becomes an Endling, the sole survivor of a species.  She then begins a desperate quest to find Dairneholm, a mythical settlement
rumored to still be inhabited by the dairne. Along the way she is joined by an
unlikely band of adventurers, including Khala, a girl with a mysterious past
disguised as a boy, and Tobble, a fiercely loyal wobbyk with large ears and a short
round body. Their mission becomes even more dangerous when they discover
the true reason for the eradication of the dairne. Can the courageous travelers
find the one person who may be able to save them all? A dazzling first tale in a
fantasy series perfect for fans of Wings of Fire from the author of The One and
Only Ivan.

Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog: In this young reader’s edition of the adult
novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, the lovable dog Enzo, the narrator of the
story, looks back on his life as he reaches its end. His owner and best friend,
Denny, is an up-and-coming race car driver whose love of the sport extends to his
canine companion. Denny struggles, however, to have a successful career,
frustrated by financial and family challenges that seem to put his dreams out of
reach. The illness and death of his wife and his commitment to raise their
daughter Zoe, in spite of her grandparents’ desire for custody, are challenges he
and Enzo face together. A touching story of love and commitment for the more
mature reader.

Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles: Into the Game! : In this first book of the first
official chapter book series based on Minecraft, five young real world players of
the game find themselves trapped inside the game they love. But now, it’s not a
game and they will have to use everything they know to explore, build, and
survive! An illustrated story just perfect for Minecraft lovers ready for chapter

Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles: Night of the Bats! : In this second in a series
full of action packed adventure, our five players are once again inside the
Minecraft game they love. When zombies attack them in the game, and bats
invade their real-life school, Ash, Morgan, and their friends realize it’s going to
take all their talents to get to the bottom of these monstrous migrations!

Graphic Novels

Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls: The Supa Buddies have been working hard
to help Dog Man overcome his bad habits. But when his obsessions turn to fears,
Dog Man finds himself the target of an all new supervillain! Meanwhile, Petey the
Cat has been released from jail and starts a new life with Lil Petey. But when
Petey’s own father arrives, Petey must face his past to understand the difference
between being good and doing good. The newest in this hilarious favorite series!

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson’s Journal: Wimpy Kid
addicts are well-acquainted with the antics and opinions of star character, Greg
Heffley, but now it’s time for Rowley Jefferson, Greg’s best friend, to tell his own
story. What begins as Rowley’s journal, however, soon becomes the sidekick’s
biography of Greg. After all, Greg is sure that one day he’ll be rich and famous
with everyone clamoring to know his life story, so who better to take a first crack
at writing it? A hilarious new look at the Wimpy world fans won’t want to miss.

Guts: Based on the true experience of the author of Smile and Sisters, Raina
wakes up one night with a terrible upset stomach. Her mom isn’t feeling well
either so both assume they’ve come down with a virus. When Raina returns to
school and her tummy problems don’t go away, however, could it be that her
worries about food, school, and changing friendships are really to blame? An
honest look at a common result of stress in the lives of kids today, this book is a
great basis for family and school discussions about handling the ups and downs of
growing up.

Baby-Sitters Club: Boy-Crazy Stacey: Stacey and Mary Anne are baby-sitting for
the Pike family for two weeks at the New Jersey shore. There’s a great house
right on the beach, a boardwalk, and plenty and sand and sun. Unfortunately,
Stacey seems to only be interested in Scott, the new lifeguard they’ve met. She
isn’t doing her share of watching the kids so Mary Anne has to do the job of two
sitters. How can Mary Anne convince Stacey that Scott really isn’t interested in
her without breaking their friendship and her heart? The newest tale in this
favorite series.


What is the Story of Frankenstein? : One of the most famous monsters of all
time comes to life in this book as the spooky story of his creation, the history of
the many movies featuring him, and what lies ahead for this spine-tingling
character are examined. A perfect biography for the scariest season of the year!

Super Slime: The amazing slime recipes in this book are sometimes gross,
sometimes sparkly, sometimes smelly and sometimes a little of each! With more
than 30 creative options using safe and inexpensive ingredients and providing
clear easy-to-follow instructions, this book teaches everything you need to know
to make the gooey substance everyone loves to make and play with. Science
information boxes even explain the STEM behind the slime!

Two Truths and a Lie: Histories and Mysteries: A fun way for students to
explore separating fact from fiction, this book is divided into three chapters –
“Hazy Histories”, “Peculiar Places”, and “Perplexing People”. Each features three
bizarre stories, two of which are true and one that is false. Was there really a girl
who saved an entire beach town from a devastating tsunami thanks to something
she leaned in fourth grade geography? Is there a village in Japan inhabited not by
people but by life-size dolls? Did Benjamin Franklin challenge a group of scientists
to find a way to make farts smell good? Warning middle graders to be wary of
believing everything they read – on the internet and in print – this book will both
challenge and entertain lovers of trivia and stories that are strange but true.

Who is R.L. Stine? : R.L. Stine, the author of the popular Goosebumps series,
began writing stories at the age of nine when he found a typewriter in his family’s
attic. Since then, he has written some of the scariest tales in children’s literature,
leaving lots of readers afraid to turn out the lights at night! A book full of
information about one of the best-selling writers of all time, this newest in the
“Who Was” series is a must have for every fan of his spine-chilling tales.

Weird But True! USA: Calling all lovers of the red, white, and blue! Full of wacky
wonders, facts, stats, and trivia about America’s 50 states and territories, this
volume in the popular Weird But True collection explores the bizarre people, places, events and things that make our country great.