Winter/ Spring 2019 Elementary Flyer Summaries

Picture Books

Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don’t):   Miss Brooks, the school librarian helps all of Missy’s classmates find a book they love but Missy rejects them all. Is there a book that Missy will like– not too flowery, furry, or far-fetched? When Miss Brooks celebrates Book Week by having the children each pick a favorite book share with the class, Missy is sure she’ll never find a book she likes. Can Miss Brooks solve this dilemma for a student who is certain she’ll never be a book lover?

Oh, No! :   This perfect read-aloud selection repeats the refrain “oh, no!” as a frog, a mouse, a lemur, a bear, and a monkey fall into a deep, deep hole in the forest. When a very hungry tiger jumps into the hole with the intent of making these animals his next meal, it looks like the animals are doomed. Will they be the tiger’s dinner or is a rescue right around the corner?

A Bus Called Heaven:   Surprised to find an abandoned broken-down bus right by her house, Stella believes this vehicle can change her neighborhood. As folks begin to  clean up the litter inside the bus, others bring items to refurbish the bus and make it a place where the community can talk, play and come together. When a tow truck shows up to haul the bus away for violating city law, Stella’s dreams for the bus seem doomed to failure. Is there a way to keep this bus bearing the word “Heaven” in the neighborhood or is it and the sense of community it has created headed for the junkyard? An inspiring story about the difference one person can make.

Hurricanes:   A non-fiction choice that explains the causes and effects of hurricanes, this book explains and illustrates all that budding scientists will want to know about this devastating weather event. With guidelines for what the people in its path should do to prepare for such an event, Hurricanes also includes a history of these violent storms.

The Sea Mammal Alphabet Book:   In this beautifully illustrated book, author Jerry Pallotta pairs the letters of the alphabet with creatures from the sea. Both educational and entertaining, facts about these ocean dwelling animals are included as well.

Pinkerton, Behave!: Pinkerton doesn’t understand his owner’s commands. When told to fetch he destroys the slippers instead. When told to come, he jumps through the window. When his owners enroll him in obedience school, he flunks out in record time. Then one night a burglar breaks into the house. Can Pinkerton save the day or can he put his bad habits to good use?

Early Readers

Baby Panda Goes Wild! Following the life of ChiDa from her early life in a wildlife
sanctuary to her release into the wild, this non-fiction book gives readers a look at
the daily life of a panda as well as information about its habitat, food, and
behaviors. With true life pictures and facts, animal lovers of all ages will want to
read this book!

My Journey to the Stars: Written by astronaut Scott Kelly, this book looks at the
history of space travel as well as the author’s fascination with space from his
childhood to the present. With training as a jet fighter pilot completed, Scott
Kelly joined NASA in1996 along with his twin brother Mark. He flew on four space
shuttles, including Discovery and Endeavor, and spent 340 days on the
International Space Station. An educational and entertaining story told by a real
American hero.

Wild Kratts, Wild Cats: The Wild Kratts go in search of lions, tigers, and felines of
all sizes as they travel to animal habitats around the globe. Combining
information about ferocious wild animals to adorable house cats, this book is a
must-have for young readers.

Sunny Day: Join the Team: Sunny, Rox, and Blair are excited when their soccer
team is challenged to a game by Lacey and her friends. With a desire to win the
game no matter what it takes , Lacey deflates the ball and rips a hole in the net.
Can Sunny and her team help Lacey learn that good sportsmanship is more
important than winning?

I Want to Be a Veterinarian: Bringing his dog in for a check-up, the main
character learns from veterinarian Dr. Wells that there are many types of vets.
Some treat large animals such as horses, pigs and goats while others are marine
vets who care for animals living in the water. With a wealth of information that is
perfect for young animal lovers, this book is a must have for classroom libraries.

Pete the Cat Goes Camping: Pete can hardly wait to go hiking, fishing, and eating
s’mores by the campfire. But when he hears tales of the mysterious creature
named Bigfoot, he can’t help but wonder if this massive animal is real. An early
reader for all the Pete the Cat fans.

Mythical Beasts: This fact-filled book explores mythical beasts from ancient times
to today. Whether it is mermaids, griffins, minotaurs, or the Loch Ness Monster,
monsters from mythology and ancient stories are included in this book. With a
glossary of terms and questions about the many monsters presented in this
captivating choice, readers of all ages will learn about these creatures and their

Pass the Ball, Mo: Mo’s latest obsession is basketball. He’s determined to learn
how to pass, but as the shortest member of the team he just can’t seem to launch
the ball high enough to avoid it being picked off by the opposing team. Can Mo
learn to pass in time to help his team win the big game? Great story for young
sports fans.

Click, Clack, Peep: When a lively baby duck is born on the farm, all of the animals
try to turn its “peep, peep, peep” into “peep, peep, sleep”. The increasingly
exhausted, sleep deprived animals try to get this rambunctious little one to sleep
but none of their efforts seem to work. Can the farmer and his tractor be the
solution the barnyard needs?

Lego Movie Awesome Heroes: Banding together to save Apocalypseburg from
aliens that have destroyed much of the town, our Lego heroes and heroines will
use their powers to restore order in their town. Whether it is astronaut Benny
who uses his ball-shaped weapons or Sweet Mayhem who is from the faraway
Systar System, all of these Legos are awesome. The perfect choice for lovers of
Lego super heroes and heroines of all types.

Fingerlings Unicorn Magic: A story filled with magical adventure, this book
introduces readers to the unicorns of Melody Village. Unicorns Gemma, Aliki,
Stella, Skye and Molly join the adorable monkeys of the village for fun and
fantasy. Perfect for the youngest readers.

Jump Shot: With information about the history of basketball and facts about the
rules of today’s game, this book’s depiction of a game between the Sharks and
the Tigers will entertain and teach young players all about this favorite sport.
With a glossary of the game’s key terms and facts about famous players of all
times, this book is perfect for fans of all ages.

Beginning Chapter

Big Idea Gang: Worst Mascot Ever: After the armadillo mascot’s costume loses
its tail, some of Clay Elementary’s students are ready to pick a new one that will
enhance the school’s image. Lizzy, Connor, Kym, and Deon make a plan to
present new options to the school principal. After a school wide campaign,
assembly and vote, will the school have a new mascot or will the armadillo win
the challenge?

Big Idea Gang: Everybody Needs a Buddy: When sales from the new mascot’s
paraphernalia bring in extra cash for Clay Elementary’s PTA, there are lots of ideas
about how to spend it - from a pirate ship for the playground to an author visit to
new basketball hoops. With their teacher, Miss Zip’s encouragement, however,
the Big Idea Gang has the perfect idea for how to use the money to improve the
school. Can they convince the school that their plan is the best?

Cuddles: Lizzie loves her after-school job of dog-walking. It’s a great way to be
around dogs of all shapes and sizes. Then she meets Cuddles, an adorable teddy
bear pup that is home alone all day. Can Lizzie find a way to help this little lonely
dog get the attention she needs? Another great story in the Puppy Place series.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: When Jelly discovers that his friend Narwhal’s diet
consists solely of waffles, he challenges him to expand his food choices and try a
peanut butter cookie. When Narwhal eats so much peanut butter, however, that
he turns yellowish brown, Jelly has another challenge on his hands. With simple
illustrations, humor and an emphasis on friendship, this book is sure to please
even the most reluctant of young readers.

Narwhal’s Otter Friend: When Narwhal and Jelly meet an adventurous otter
named Otty, Narwhal greets her with immediate enthusiasm. Jelly, however,
worries that Otty will take his place as Narwhal’s best friend. Can Jelly work out
his jealousy and realize that adding a new member to the pod can result in even
more fun and adventures? The latest book in a favorite series.

Unicorn Academy: Sophia and Rainbow: Sophia is thrilled to be a student at the
Lakeside Unicorn Academy, a school on the beautiful island of Ellinor where the
girls meet their very own unicorn and learn to talk to them. When a sinister event
happens, however, Sophia realizes that some mysterious people want to harm the island and its special magic. Can Sophia and Rainbow use the unicorn’s special powers to thwart the plans of those who would destroy the school and its magic? The first in a new series perfect for young fantasy fans.

Unicorn Academy Scarlett and Blaze: Scarlett and her unicorn Blaze love being at
Unicorn Academy, a school with lots of magical adventures. When an unexpected
freeze threatens to turn Sparkle Lake into a frozen pond and steal the powers of
the unicorns however, the two must find out who is behind this icy plot to steal
the magic of the school and close it forever.

Bad Kitty Camp Daze: When Puppy and Baby get a little rambunctious during
Kitty’s nap, she is bonked on the head and starts to believe she is a dog! This
change in Kitty really freaks out Puppy and he is sent to relax at Uncle Murray’s
Camp for Stressed Out Dogs. But guess who sneaks along? You’re right, its our
famous feline friend. Still believing she’s dog, Kitty fits right in until she and Uncle
Murray encounter a bear and Kitty may have to return to her cat identity to save
the day.

Bad Kitty Kitten Trouble: Already upset from dealing with a paper carrier who
routinely aims for the cat’s head when he tosses the paper, Kitty certainly will not
befriend the new kittens her humans have taken in. When Kitty shows her
hostility toward them, her humans call Uncle Murray to come over and show the
cat how to be nicer to the newcomers. Can Uncle Murray succeed or will Kitty
prove to her humans that she is the only cat they need? An illustrated, funny tale
for even the most reluctant reader.

Jada Jones: Sleepover Scientist: Jada is hosting her first sleepover and she has
lots of cool scientific activities planned for her friends. They’ll be doing kitchen
chemistry experiments, creating invisible ink and even making slime. But when
the girls get tired of these lessons in science fun and just want to hang out can
Jada find a way to save the sleepover? A popular series title perfect for young
STEM fans.

Graphic Novels

Jake Maddox Gear Hero: Nelson Greenwood loves BMX racing and drawing
superheroes like his own creation Major Speed, but isn’t as skilled at the former
as his twin brother Nick. When a rough crash keeps Nick out of the BMX-Treme
competition, he encourages Nelson to take his place. Nelson doesn’t think he has
what it takes to compete against the best racers in the city, especially Nick’s chief
rival, Cain Otto. Can he find the courage and strength to join the race? A sports
story that will appeal to young athletes.

Click: Fifth grader Olive “clicks” with all the kids in her class, until she finds herself
without a partner for the school talent show. She panics, wondering why all of
her friends have formed their own performance groups…without including her.
Will Olive find her place in the show before the curtain goes up? Perfect for fans
of Smile and Real Friends.

Loudhouse Campaign Chaos: Based on the popular TV series, The Loud House is
home to Lori. Leni. Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily and Lincoln Loud.
Lincoln can handle anything his sisters throw at him, counting on his best friend,
Clyde, to help him out. Told from Lincoln’s point of view, this laugh-out-loud is a
great choice for even the most reluctant of readers.

Dog Man Brawl of the Wild: Is Dog Man bad to the bone? This heroic hound is
sent to the pound for a crime he didn’t commit. While his pals work to prove his
innocence, Dog Man struggles to find his place among dogs and people. Being a
part of both worlds, can he survive in each?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown: When snow shuts down Greg Heffley’s
middle school, his neighborhood transforms into a wintry battlefield. Rival groups
fight over territory, build massive show forts, and stage epic snowball fights. Greg
and his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, are caught in the crosshairs. It’s a fight for
survival as the boys navigate alliances, betrayals, and warring gangs to emerge as
heroes of the meltdown. Another title in the ever-popular Wimpy Kid series.

Chapter Books

Sled Dog School: Eleven year old Matt is struggling in school but determined to
give his all to a class assignment to set up a real business, operate it and share its
success with his teacher and class. Matt is devoted to his team of sled dogs and decides to launch a school that will teach folks how to train a team of dogs. He
discovers, however, that the kids who sign up for the classes have a lot to learn
and a little to teach Matt about blazing new trails and building friendships along
the way. Great choice for readers who love dogs and outdoor adventure.
The Terrible Two Go Wild: School’s out and Miles and Niles are running wild in
the woods outside town. Their exploring of caves, climbing trees and, of course,
pulling pranks may be over when bully Josh Barkin and his boot camp cadets
discover Miles and Niles and vow to destroy them. Can the boys outwit Josh and
his hooligans and live to prank another day? A book full of humor that will please
even the most reluctant of readers.

Samantha Spinner and Her Super Secret Plans: When Samantha’s Uncle Paul
mysteriously disappears he leaves Samantha’s sister a check for millions of
dollars, her brother the New York Yankees, and a rusty red umbrella with a tag
saying RAIN to her. Certain that Uncle Paul wouldn’t leave without saying
goodbye, Samantha is certain he must be in danger. Can she and her brother
Nipper figure out the meaning of the tag’s message and find Uncle Paul in the
process? A story filled with adventure, puzzles, and super-secret plans, this book
is perfect for mystery lovers.

The Van Gogh Deception: When a twelve year old boy with amnesia is found
alone in Washington’s National Gallery of Art, a temporary guardian is assigned to
him. The boy and the daughter of the guardian find themselves the targets of a
group of covert criminal operatives who believe that the boy called Art (the name
found in the backpack he is carrying) can thwart their plan to sell a fake Van Gogh
painting to the Gallery for $183 million. The two kids must use all of their smarts
and ingenuity to expose the plot of these pursuers and find Art’s missing dad as
well. An adventure filled story with suspense at every turn will keep mystery
lovers on their toes.

The Real McCoys: Moxie McCoy is bold, self-confident and the world’s greatest
fourth grade detective. When someone kidnaps the beloved school mascot
Eddie, Moxie is on the case. Forced to solve the mystery on her own since her
best friend and sleuthing sidekick has moved away, Moxie interviews her
classmates, hoping to find the culprit and possibly a new best friend in the process. As she begins to realize that she can’t finger the thief on her own, she
reluctantly teams up with her quiet, cautious younger brother Milton. Can they
work together to bring Eddie home or is this unlikely alliance headed for disaster?

I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies 1967: Eleven year old Melody Vega and her
family come to Glacier National Park every year. With her mom gone, however,
the park is no longer a place where Melody can forget her troubles. When she
comes face-to-face with a mighty grizzly bear, her very life is at stake. Set in one
of the most tragic seasons in the history of America’s national parks, this story will
forever change ideas about how grizzlies and humans can exist together in the

I Survived the Battle of D-Day 1944: In commemoration of the 75 th anniversary
of D-Day, this story shines a spotlight on the story of the Normandy landing. The
largest seaborne invasion of history and a key element in the Allied victory in
World War II, D-Day is an event every student will want to explore. Historical
fiction at its best, this is the latest book in a favorite series.

Ellie’s Story: Ellie is a special dog with a very important purpose. From
puppyhood, she has been trained to be a search and rescue dog. Able to track
down a lost child in a forest or find an injured victim in a collapsed building, Ellie
has a new challenge to face. Her handlers, widowed Jakob and lonely Maya, need
her help to turn their lives around and truly be saved by the dog they love so
much. An inspiring tale of hope, this title by Bruce Cameron is perfect for dog
lovers of all ages.

Soldier Dog: Air Raid Search and Rescue: Inspired by the brave military dogs that
helped our troops during WWII, this book is the first in a thrilling new adventure
series. When Matt’s older brother enlists in the Army he leaves his German
shepherd Chief, a retired fire dog and best pet ever, to Matt. Matt isn’t happy
however when Chief begins to pay more attention to his foster sister, Rachel.
When Nazi planes begin to bomb their city, Matt and Rachel get caught outside
during the air raid. Can Chief rescue them before it’s too late?

Soldier Dog: Attack on Pearl Harbor: Joe can’t believe his luck when Skipper,
the street dog all the Navy guys love, follows him home. But with a new baby sister in the house, he knows that his family can’t afford to keep the dog. Joe and
his friends hatch the perfect plan – present Skipper to Joe’s dad, who works on
the USS West Virginia, as a mascot dog for the ship. But when Joe’s plan is
interrupted by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it may be up to Skipper to
make sure they all make it out alive.

Ruby and Olivia: When reserved, rule following Olivia takes the blame for her
twin sister’s shoplifting, she finds herself assigned to attend Camp Chrysalis, a day
camp focused on community service for wayward youth, while Emma gets to go
to sleep away camp. Olivia finds that Ruby, her sister’s bossy ex best friend, has
to attend Camp Chrysalis as well. When the campers are told they will be
cataloging the contents of an abandoned historic house, the girls are not happy
when they are assigned to work as a team. As they work together to record the
items in the house, however, they soon believe that the rumors of the house
being haunted may be true. How else can they explain talking dolls, strange
music and slamming doors? Working together to solve the mystery, the girls
discover that an unexpected friendship may be in the works as well.

Take the Stage: JoJo and Bowbow: When the neighborhood decides to throw a
block party, JoJo is excited about performing her new song as a highlight of the
summer bash. With the support of her friends and dog Bowbow, JoJo knows the
show is bound to be a hit. Then she meets Grace, a new kid on the block, and is
determined to include Grace in the party planning. Kyra, the head of the party
planning committee, however, has other plans and it becomes clear that she’ll do
whatever it takes to keep Grace from helping. Can JoJo show Kyra that kindness
should prevail and when everyone works together everything comes out better?
A story based on the new phenom which affirms inclusion and friendship.

Candy Kisses: JoJo and Bowbow: JoJo is planning a Valentine theme sleepover
for her dog Bowbow and her friends. She is also excited about the new dance
workshop she’ll attend, especially the big performance at the end. When the
news breaks that one dancer will get to shine in a solo, the snarky “Queen Bees”-
Bree, Bahi, and Belle – begin to stir up trouble. Can JoJo and Bowbow come up
with a plan to quash their not-so-nice actions and see that each dancer gets an
amazing Valentine’s Day surprise? Affirming kindness and cooperation, this
second book in a new series is bound to be a hit.

Survival Tails The Titanic: When loyal dog Mutt discovers that his owner and best
friend Alice is set to board the RMS Titanic without him, he sneaks aboard with
help from a rat named King Leon. It isn’t long, however, before the captain’s cat
Clara discovers the stowaway. Mutt agrees to help Clara look after a trio of
abandoned kittens on the ship in exchange for her help in finding Alice among the
hundreds of people onboard. When the unthinkable happens and the ship hits an
iceberg, Mutt and his new friends must race against time to survive. A perfect
choice for fans of the I Survived series.

Survival Tails Endurance in Antarctica: Sled dog Samson is very excited about
being part of Ernest Shackelton’s historic voyage to Antarctica. His fellow sled
dog, Bummer, feels very differently and is not fond of days on the dangerous, icy
wasteland. When their ship, the Endurance, becomes trapped in sea ice, the
challenge for the dogs and sailors becomes survival. Can Samson, Bummer and
the other dogs band together and find a way to rescue the dogs and humans on
Endurance? This book’s nonfiction notes combine with an adventure-filled plot
sure to keep readers engaged.

Mr. Lemoncello’s Great Library Race: When game maker Mr. Lemoncello
announces his new Fabulous Fact-Finding Frenzy game, Kyle, Akimi, and the other
contestants face their greatest challenge yet. If Kyle can make it through the first
round, he and the other lucky finalists will race by bicycle, bookmobile, and even
Mr. Lemoncello’s private jet to find fascinating facts about famous Americans.
The first to bring back their facts back to the library will win spectacular prizes.
When a few surprising facts surface about Mr. Lemoncello however, the kids
begin to wonder if the gamemaster may be a fraud who stole all the ideas for his
amazing games. Can Kyle and the others find the truth before the game is over
for all?

Chester and Gus: Chester is a chocolate lab and Gus is a ten year old boy with
non-verbal autism whose family hopes he will be more interactive at school with
Chester around. Although he failed the official dog service test due to his fear of
loud noises, the dog is incredibly perceptive and seems to know what Gus needs
and is always attentive to his boy. Recognizing Gus’s struggles to be understood
by his parents, teacher, and classmates, Chester becomes able to interpret the boy’s misunderstood behaviors. Told from the dog’s perspective, this book is an
inspiring story of the amazing bond of animal and human.

Touchdown Kid: Written by former pro football defensive end, Tim Green, this is
a story about a boy who has always been passionate about football but has not
had the opportunities to showcase his talent. Living with his single mother and
attending public school, Cory is presented with an unbelievable opportunity when
the coach of an elite private school with a top-rated football team recognizes the
boy’s potential and offers him a scholarship to attend the school and play on their
team. His new teammates, however, are less than welcoming and determined to
keep this new kid from showing his talent on the field. Labelled as a scholarship
kid from the wrong side of town, can Cory prove that wealth and privilege don’t
matter on the football field as long as he has the strength and skills to compete?


Who Is Michael Jordan? A biography of NBA superstar Michael Jordan provides
information about this basketball icon from his early years to the end of his
playing career. Even as a young boy, he was very competitive and wanted to be
the best. This motivation helped him become a star during his college and
professional careers. Key facts about this sports legend will inspire and inform
sports lovers of all ages.

Apollo’s First Moon Landing: In anticipation of the 50 th anniversary of the first
moon landing in July 1969, this picture book tells the story of the men and
spacecraft that were part of this momentous event. Colorful illustrations and
commentary by two “flies on the wall” give young science fans all the information
they want to know about one of the key events in history. A glossary of key terms
and links to other sources of space facts make this a must-have for classrooms.

Scholastic Year in Sports 2019: With colorful photographs highlighting sports
persons and events, this book has all the information about the top athletes and
teams in baseball, football, basketball and more. Updated facts and stats will
keep young readers informed about all aspects of a variety of sports.
She Dared: Bethany Hamilton: Bethany Hamilton grew up in Hawaii and loved to
surf, a pastime that was threatened when, at age 13, she was out on the waves
and attacked by a tiger shark. She lost her left arm as a result and wondered if she would ever surf again. The support she received from her family and her faith
gave her the strength to get back on the board, a true champion and role model.
An inspirational story everyone should read.